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Double Wide Grill

Architecture - Retail / Branding

The design features the flowing ‘Airstream’ curves of a 1950’s filling station complete with gas pumps and trailers, typical of that era. To further enhance the theme, the interior has a “worn in” look and features old road signs, gas station memorabilia, old tires hung from the wall, lights made from car parts, and trucks on lifts. Diners eat in old trailers that pop out of the back of the restaurant overlooking a ravine.  Our goal was to offer diners the experience, fun and sense of adventure of a roadtrip ‘Route-66’ style, even if only for the duration of a meal.

According to the proprietors of Double Wide, the look and feel of the restaurant has captured the imaginations of customers, and, out-of-the-gate, it has been a huge success.

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294 Morris Avenue     Springfield, NJ 07081     973.376.4411
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