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Being 'green' just became a little easier

As Kermit the Frog often sang, "It's not easy being green." But for large-scale retailers seeking USGBC LEED certification for their brick-and-mortar locations, being 'green' just became a little easier.

Until now, many organizations committed to going 'green' faced a costly and repetitive submission process. To address this, the USGBC developed the LEED Volume Program, which allows companies that have prototypical buildings with similar designs to apply for LEED certification in bulk, which can save them time and money over the current, individualized process.The following can help you learn how the Volume Program works and whether your prototype design can take advantage of it:

What types of projects lend themselves to the Volume Program? Most chain-type facilities that utilize a standard building or facility design such as retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, banks and gas stations are prime candidates for the Volume Program.

How does the new program differ from the current certification process? The standard process certifies each store individually, incurring repetitive registration and review costs. With the Volume Program, companies can submit retail stores in batches, simplifying the submission process as most credits will be pre-certified within their prototype. Additionally, they have the option of having the commissioning process carried out by their own quality control or construction management teams rather than their LEED and design consultants...

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