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Kenneth A. Gruskin explains why design matters to your bottom line

Triple Play is a weekly NJBIZ feature that asks top executives in New Jersey to talk about three things related to their industry.

Kenneth A. Gruskin is principal of Gruskin Group, an integrated design firm based in Springfield.

We asked Kenneth why design matters to your bottom line

1. Brand: Making your business’ brand, service offerings, products or customer experience stand out in the “noise” of the ultra-competitive, local/global marketplace can be a real challenge, especially when “knock-off” and “me-too” offerings abound.   Customers need tangible ways to differentiate one brand or offering from another and, good design, let alone having unique-recognizable design, can be a critical aspect of achieving this goal.

2. Consistency: Apple is the classic example of how good design (and the right products) can enhance a company’s bottom line.

Every aspect of their branding, marketing, products, software, websites, retail stores and corporate facilities are carefully designed. Of course, design cannot be a substitute for authenticity, substance or providing a good product, service or experience. We always tell our restaurant clients that if they have poor food and service, all the design in the world will not get their patrons to return a second time.

3. Productivity: Providing work environments that are designed to engage and facilitate collaboration, embody a company’s values, and provide different types of spaces to support different types of work styles for both the individual and team result in enhanced staff productivity, retention, recruitment and even reduced sick days. Happy, engaged workforce increases the odds of having satisfied and loyal customers.

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