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Double Wide Grill Recognized for Motorabilia filled diner with '50s gas station ambiance

Diner Revival - Route 66 Revisited

Motorabilia fills diner with '50s gas station ambiance

Travel, family, and a 1950s vibe star in the design of the Double Wide Grill, a Pennsylvania diner that outdoes the real thing with its decor, memorabilia, Airstream-esque curves, neon bands, and more. It's captured the customers' imaginations and is a huge success. A.R.E. featured member: Gruskin Group (Design and Signage).

SUGGESTING A 1950s SENSIBILITY and the country's fascination at the time with the open road, adventure travel, and family vacations with a trailer in tow are the curves of Airstream trailer pieces and a filling station complete with gas pumps. "The theme is based on the imagined backstory that what began as a gas stop evolved into a restaurant as its operators began to serve food along with their gas sales," says Kenneth Gruskin, AIA, principal of Gruskin Group.

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