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Don't Let Your Fixtures Be An Afterthought

As retailers seek to make their operations and retail projects more sustainable, they will invest much effort on designing their retail construction projects and prototypes to meet environmental priorities, while giving far less consideration to the display fixtures being procured to go into completed “green” retail spaces. This is typically the result of retailers not considering fixtures to be a major component of a green approach. But, when you start to look at the individual parts and pieces, it becomes apparent that retail display fixtures can have a significant role in a sustainable strategy; and having fixtures manufactured to be green can make it easier for projects to meet such goals.

Consider the LEED rating system for Commercial Interiors as an example--permanent fixtures and millwork can have significant impacts on multiple "Materials and Resources,” as well as "Indoor Environmental Quality" credits. 

Fixtures with high levels of recycled content, materials sourced and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site, materials considered rapidly renewable (such as wheat board) and with high percentages of FSC-certified wood can be the deciding factor between a certification threshold. Given the right circumstances, that may even be the key factor in being able to get a project certified at all.

Since most retailers outsource fixture manufacturing to outside companies, it is important to not only specify the use of green materials, but also to require the manufacturer to use sustainable processes or procure fixtures from companies that already have sustainable manufacturing and operations in place...

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